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For more than 50 years we have become a trusted supplier to the heavy-duty and industrial markets because of the quality manufacturers that we stock. Our electrical line includes Molex heat shrink terminals and Bussmann fuses and circuit breakers. We carry a wide inventory of Cole Hersee switches and solenoids. 3M electrical tape and Hellerman Tyton cable ties also complement our electrical product line. Our selection of heat shrinkable tubing is selected from the top producers in the country.

If you are searching for LED truck lights, you have come to the right place. We are adding new products to our website from top companies including Truck-lite, Vehicle Safety, Grote, Optronics and Maxxima. Our inventory depth of Ecco back-up alarms , strobes, and LED warning lights are sure to get your vehicles noticed. Whether you are shopping for a Target Tech light bar or a Star Warning Systems strobe light, chances are that it’s on the shelf. One of our latest product lines we have added recently is Eaton Weatherhead brass , hose and hydraulic fittings. As always, feel free to call us anytime to check our stock as we add our inventory to our website.

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Product Specials

FREE Can Caddy

Protect your equipment this winter with our most popular service aids. Buy any 6 or more & receive our Six Can Wall Mount Can Caddy (part #CAN CADDY) for free!

CY-C-121 - Battery Terminal Protector, 11oz.

CY-C-120 - Battery Terminal Cleaner, 15oz.

CY-C-35 - Rubberized Under Coating, 16oz.

ATC-16 - Air Tool Conditioner, 12oz.

GDL-16 - Garage Door Lube, 12oz.

SSP-620-1502 - Chain & Cable Lube, 20oz.

SSP-620-1505 - Dry Moly Lube, 20oz.

SSP-620-1506 - Dry Graphite, 20oz.

SSP-620-1507 -Heavy Duty Anti-Seize, 20oz.

DY-52115 - Silicone Lubricant, 10.25oz.

DY-49596 - White Lithium Grease, 10.5oz.

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